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Prime candidates for "Post Human, the Sequel" are the Chapman brothers (who worked as studio assistants for posthuman archetypes Gilbert & George), Vanessa Beecroft (whose spectacularly uniformed or naked performers extend the Gilbert & George Singing Sculpture pedigree all the way back to the Rockettes), Ron Mueck (who mixed a little Gulliver into the DNA of Hanson's life-size creations), and Maurizio Cattelan (who reincarnates Hanson's tableaux as full-blown real-life theater).
Bay Area photographer BRADFORD NOBLE reincarnates TV goddess BRINI MAXWELL as the doomed Madeleine in our photo homage to this queerest of all cities.
Having lain dormant for some time, the vampire reincarnates himself as a pop star and breaks the vampire code by revealing his true identity and challenging all the other blood-suckers to come out into the open.