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This majority is, consciously or not, objectively the enemy, the "Right"; a rhetorical difficulty because Marcuse gives no reason for the majority to submit to reindoctrination or to tolerate the actions of his militant, intolerant minority.
From the moment he opens his eyes, he is beset by an internal fragmentation, "unable to regain the clew to my personal identity." (31) He continues, "'I was no more able to distinguish myself from pure being during those moments than we may suppose a soul in the rough to be before it has received the earmarks, the individualizing touches which make it a person." (32) Thus evacuated of personhood, West is ripe for reindoctrination, a process that begins immediately in conversation with his host, Dr.
This is the first act of internalization, a prerequisite to the reconstruction of self hood, since the original "obscuration" of his identity, when, as he describes, "in my mind all had broken loose, habits of feelings, associations of thought, ideas of persons and things, all had dissolved and lost coherence and were seething together in apparently irretrievable chaos." (37) Upon awakening in the twentieth century, his mind purges itself of nineteenth-century "'ideas" and "associations,'" leaving a fragmented yet malleable vessel for ideological reindoctrination. The citizens of the twentieth century have but to differentiate the desired elements from the "chaos" of West's mind, reconstructing it to synchronize with their utopian beliefs.
However, several hundred members who have gone back of their own volition in recent years have not been harmed and were returned to their families after reindoctrination.
Eighty years of secularization, modernization and Westernization since the constitutional reforms of 1906-11 seem to have immunized Iranian society against wholesale reindoctrination and fanaticism.
But while the social culture foundered back into the noose of Ceausescu's mini-cultural revolution, literature continued to experiment with polyphony and cultural pluralism, resisting ideological reindoctrination. Particularly novelists became acutely aware of the prohibitive boundaries placed by power around social "truth" and of their need to challenge the official ontological and cultural landscape--first by insinuating a strong element of subjective fantasy and mythopoesis into the conventional realism of the late fifties (Stefan Banulescu, A.
It is assigned the important roles of reassurance and reindoctrination (called "reaffirmation" by believers).
is running reindoctrination courses for 300 Nicaraguan teachers, probably forcing them to chant in unison the works of A.M.