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In cases of possible relapse after treatment, perform clade typing to rule out reinfection.
Other evidence also suggested that these patients experienced reinfections rather than relapses.
However scientists warn that reinfection of midges this summer could see SBV spreading right across Britain, threatening next year's lamb crop.
This study illustrated the natural fecundity of chukar coccidia in a floor-pen environment where multiplication rate and reinfection combine to produce clinical disease from a small original exposure.
According to UNICEF, high levels of routine immunization are the best form of defense against reinfection, with particular focus on the poorest communities.
Unless the money is found very soon, the GPEI will have to cut back in countries that have eliminated polio but are at risk of reinfection without continued vaccination and surveillance.
Also, neither pasture was overgrazed, an important consideration in both minimizing reinfection of livestock and maintaining healthier pastures.
If calves don't become reinfected the disease runs its course; the big problem is reinfection in a contaminated environment.
Nag and Hati have found a way to differentiate between a relapse and reinfection.
On one hand, your article shows how Charles is ambivalent about the possibilities of STD infection or HIV reinfection.