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However, the utility of ESR and CRP in predicting the rate of reinfection following two-stage revision is controversial.
None of the neonates suspected of reinfection had a culture-proven bacteria infection.
Findings from C-EDGE CO-STAR showed a high rate of SVR 24 weeks after completion of treatment (SVR24) for the baseline chronic HCV infection and provided insights into the incidence of reinfection in this high risk population (abstract #SAT-163).
ATLANTA -- Gonorrhea reinfection rates are high among women in Florida, with more than one in four becoming reinfected after treatment, according to a review of surveillance data.
Researchers working with Amsterdam's MSM Observational Study of Acute Infection With Hepatitis C (MOSAIC) charted HCV reinfection in 51 HIV-positive MSM with sexually acquired HCV.
When erythema migrans recurs a year or more after standard courses of antibiotic therapy for Lyme disease, it most likely represents a reinfection from another tick bite, not a relapse of the first infection, according to a report.
The recurrent infections observed in patients with CGD, even when caused by the same species of organism, are the result of reinfection rather than relapse (3,6).
As clearly demonstrated elsewhere, most repeated chlamydial infections, particularly those diagnosed several weeks after initial diagnosis, are reinfections (i.
Determining whether a condition is reinfection or relapse is a very challenging complication of CDAD.
The rate of infection we found in the 365 Indianapolis girls we followed is similar to the rates reported by other researchers for girls in Denver and Baltimore, so it is likely that our important new findings on reinfection can be generalized to urban teenage girls in other cities," said Dr.
1) Individuals receiving a gonorrhea diagnosis at an initial clinic visit between 1994 and 1998 had a risk of reinfection of about 4% per year, and half of first reinfections occurred within a year.
Respiratory syncytial virus infections: reinfections and immunity.