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The first step in setting up a positive reinforcement system involves defining the targeted behaviors.
DESCRIPTORS: functional analysis, negative reinforcement, academic tasks, destructive behavior, concurrent operants, quality of reinforcement
Trainers reward the monkeys by using positive reinforcement, such as food, drink, praise, and affection.
The 18 item RMS Negative Reinforcement Motivation scale (Table 1) was designed so that the scale score was elevated when respondents agreed that they were uninterested in others' appreciation of or praise for their work, focused on only one task at a time and were motivated by their own internal sense of discomfort that decreased only when they worked continuously and completed tasks quickly.
The preform, produced by winding on a mandrel, allowed reinforcement in specific areas.
Most mental activity, he adds, is unconscious (shades of Sigmund Freud) and flows from a complex history of reinforcement that originates from without, not within.
Reinforcements are an integral part of all composites and the quality and performance of the composite can be optimised by modelling the type and structure of the reinforcement before moulding.
Wilson and Hayes (1996) found that when response B was punished, response A increased, but Lieving and Lattal (2003) found only weak resurgence when the schedule of reinforcement of response B was changed from variable-interval (VI) 30 s to VI 360 s.
NasdaqGS: IIIN) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Insteel Wire Products Company (together referred to as "Insteel" in this press release) had purchased all of the concrete pipe and box culvert reinforcement production equipment and certain related assets of Tatano Wire and Steel, Inc.
A correct balance between longitudinal and transversal torsion reinforcement is important for the structural performance with respect to torsion actions.

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