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The mechanical properties of the concrete and reinforcing steel were obtained from laboratory tested specimens, and functioned as input to the FEM.
In conclusion, given the potential devastating complications of suture dehiscence and wound infection and the apparent safety of fibrin glue, we believe that fibrin glue appears to be a worthwhile method of reinforcing a tracheal anastomosis line.
The interchange is among the last half-dozen of 299 freeway bridges tested because they contain steel reinforcing bars welded end-to-end at a bevel.
Aerosil 130, 200, 300 and 380 are pyrogenic fumed silicas used as thixotropes and reinforcing fillers for silicone rubber, and as additives to prevent plateout in calendered PVC.
MMFX introduced its MMFX2 reinforcing steel in Chile at CORROMIN -- a conference of industry leaders focused on solutions to address steel corrosion.
A wood cement board substantially consisting of reinforcing wood material and a cement wherein said reinforcing wood material is treated by a method comprising attaching an aqueous solution of a mineral acid and adding and mixing an alkaline metal silicate in said reinforcing wood material to prevent the inhibition of hardening of cement by sugar contained in said reinforcing wood material is provided in the present invention.
Welded steel reinforcing bars encased in concrete piers supporting the Hampton Road-Foothill Boulevard overpass were examined under a 3-year-old, statewide inspection program launched after similar welds proved faulty in a San Diego freeway interchange.
Fiberfrax alumina-silica fiber is a reinforcing filler said to offer excellent physical properties, low thermal expansion, superior thermal stability, excellent corrosion resistance, superior wear resistance, and resistance to moisture absorption.
Gradually, different foods acquired reinforcing properties in different cultures, leading to new ways of gathering, processing and cultivating foods.
unsaturated polyester, polyester, polypropylene, epoxy, nylon), reinforcing material and market (e.
There was so much steel reinforcing in the screening wall as originally designed," says Kevin O'Connor, Project Architect with RBJ, "that we asked Bob Smilowitz of Weidlinger whether it was the concrete or the steel that provided the blast protection.