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The 44-year-old expert, who is also three-time champion of the National Reining Horse Association, France, has been training 16 local jockeys ahead of a Wild West extravaganza to be held today.
In the reining event, the horse would lope along, then the rider would imperceptibly hit the brakes, and the horse would skid to a stop.
To increase human autonomy is therefore to increase the human capacity for evil; to rein in evil might require reining in human autonomy."
But then, it's hard to see Richard Gephardt reining in the megalomaniacal Trump, a guy who once gave his second-grade music teacher a black eye after deciding he knew more than the teacher about music.
Raleigh, NC, October 13, 2011 --( Reining Cats and Dogs, a full service pet sitting company in Raleigh, has launched a new website for pet owners.