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It was his honest belief that he had legal justification in refraining to reinstate the complainant," the Sandiganbayan ruling read.
'The workers demanded reinstatement and the company had been unclear, saying they would reinstate them on this day and then on that day.
"Since DU is an autonomous institution I have put forth my personal appeal to the V-C to reinstate the officials," Irani had posted on Twitter.
Yemen has established a $1.2 billion fund to reinstate those who were dismissed after the war.
When it becomes impossible to solve a dispute and reinstate a dismissed worker, or the employer insists on the conditions under dispute, the Ministry, which is keen to avoid an abetment -- as the right to submit a labour dispute to the court will be lost after the elapse of one year from the date of termination of the contract (article 156 of the Labour Law) -- the Ministry of Labour calls upon the employers to cooperate and apply His Majesty's the King directives, as well as the dismissed workers who did not return to their jobs yet, to start to: 1.
Scott, Luke B OF 11/02/2011 Reinstate From 60-day DL
Auto Business News-17 May 2010-Ford to reinstate UAW's tuition aid benefits(C)2010 ENPublishing -
The carrier said yesterday got off to a "good start" with its contingency plans, adding later that, because 50% of cabin crew had turned up at Heathrow, it was moving to reinstate some short and long-haul flights.
The government decided to reinstate Chaudhry as the country's top judge on March 16 defusing a political crisis that had threatened to bring violent confrontation to the streets of the capital.
Question: When must I reinstate a worker injured on the job?
During the last election campaign, he promised that a government led by him would give all MPs a free vote on a motion to reinstate the traditional definition of marriage as between a man and a woman.
With plummeting rates of recruitment and retention, more than 130,000 troops still mired in Iraq, and the growing possibility of military conflict with Iran, Syria, or North Korea (or some combination thereof), the political Establishment is quietly but unmistakably preparing to reinstate conscription in some form.