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To restore to a condition that has terminated or been lost; to reestablish.

To reinstate a case, for example, means to restore it to the same position it had before dismissal.


verb bring back, place in a former state, put back, put back into service, reappoint, reconstitute, reestablish, rehabilitate, rehire, reinaugurate, reinstall, remit, replace, reseat, restituere, restore, restore to office, restore to power, return, revest, revive
Associated concepts: reinstate to a job
See also: continue, proceed, reclaim, remit, renew, replace, restore, resume, return, surrender
References in classic literature ?
It was necessary, if Monk refused the offers of the negotiator, to reinstate King Charles II.
He has been attempting to curry favour and reinstate himself in the good graces of the captain by carrying tales of the men forward.
Voluptuousness, thirst of power, and selfishness,--the three forces in humanity which Christianity has done most to garble and besmirch,-- Nietzsche endeavours to reinstate in their former places of honour.
Nor, sir," says he, "do I bring my mind to this politically, from the necessity of my circumstances, which some call miserable; but, if I know anything of myself, I would not now go back, though the Czar my master should call me, and reinstate me in all my former grandeur.
He trusted he had not lowered himself in the good opinion of his friends by this frank confession of his faults; and he hoped the promptness with which he had resented the last unmanly outrage on his feelings, to which he had referred, would reinstate him in their good opinion, if he had.
The men claimed to have been unfairly sacked in 2011, but not re-employed despite a government initiative to reinstate people who lost their jobs as a result of unrest.
Liberal Opposition Leader Steven Marshall is refusing to stand up for South Australians and call on the Abbott Government to reinstate the $30 million per year it has cut from pensioner concessions.
Before the decision was taken to reinstate the service this week, Mr Cunningham said: "I have taken the decision to write an open letter to local, area and regional commissioners within the NHS, and have published it in the hope that someone, somewhere, will accept responsibility and reinstate this service.
11--A committee established at the beginning of the year to address the Southern grievance of fired Southern soldiers and civilians following the 1994 civil between the North and South announced on Wednesday that President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi will issue a republican decree in the coming days to reinstate 795 high-ranking Southerners to their jobs.
The order to reinstate Tilekbai Alibaev in office as Chief of the Main Criminal Investigation Department was issued on August 10.
44) dismissed workers refused to be reinstated, although their employers agreed to reinstate them.
The companies agreed to reinstate 608 employees, noted the ministry.