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To restore to a condition that has terminated or been lost; to reestablish.

To reinstate a case, for example, means to restore it to the same position it had before dismissal.


verb bring back, place in a former state, put back, put back into service, reappoint, reconstitute, reestablish, rehabilitate, rehire, reinaugurate, reinstall, remit, replace, reseat, restituere, restore, restore to office, restore to power, return, revest, revive
Associated concepts: reinstate to a job
See also: continue, proceed, reclaim, remit, renew, replace, restore, resume, return, surrender
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Ford Motor Company (Ford) (NYSE: F), a United States-based automaker, is reinstating UAW's tuition aid benefits.
GLENDALE - Shopping mall developer Rick Caruso has won a state appellate court decision reinstating his $40 million lawsuit against the Glendale Galleria's owner.
As the United States and Iraq inch ever closer to a second Gulf War, members of Congress have raised the possibility of reinstating a military draft.
Therefore, the owner had no intention of reinstating the tenancy.
Under recently finalized regulations (TD 8589), the IRS will charge a $43 fee for entering into an installment agreement and $24 for changing or reinstating an installment agreement.
The company is reinstating a plan approved in 1990 but suspended during the past year.
LOUIS -- TALX Corporation (NASDAQ: TALX) today reported that the United States Congress has passed legislation reinstating the Federal Work Opportunity ("WOTC") and Welfare to Work ("WtW") tax credits retroactively to January 1, 2006, when these tax credits went into hiatus.