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Suros may reinstitute the litigation if SenoRx sells EnCor(TM) cutters with a transverse slot after October 31, 2006.
Councilman Joel Wachs, who led City Council support to reinstitute the program, called the women heroes.
To this end, the Partnership is endeavoring to reinstitute negotiations with THSP.
As to the decommissioning of a system at a Western utility, revenues were not material last year and we stand ready to reinstitute the technology should coal inventory/transportation issues be resolved or the coal quality situation deteriorate.
Why not reinstitute the draft and help all the gangbangers - while giving us citizens a break?
They have addressed jointly the serious need for capital to improve guest and employee safety levels to ITT Sheraton standards as well as to reinstitute the luxury that established CIGA's international reputation.
So should we stop at banning gay marriages and domestic partnerships, or in keeping with the Bible should we go on to reinstitute slavery and reaffirm domestic violence?
However, the tax has not been levied since 1994 and while there currently are no plans to do so, Fitch was recently provided a legal opinion that states the district does not need voter approval to reinstitute the tax levy.
Heidt says she would prefer to reinstitute the rotation policy.
RIM expects that NTP will oppose RIM's motion; and, if the CAFC sends the patent dispute back to the District Court, RIM also expects that NTP will ask the District Court to reinstitute the injunction that had previously been granted (which was subsequently stayed pending RIM's appeal and then vacated by the CAFC in December 2004 in connection with the CAFC's decision to remand the case to the District Court for further proceedings) to prohibit RIM from providing BlackBerry service and from using, selling, manufacturing or importing its handhelds and software in the United States.
McDonough stated that his group is behind Markosek's bill to reinstitute the Loss/Carry Forward exemption.
However, the tax has not been levied since 1994 and to reinstitute it would require a majority vote by district residents.