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In a June 16 Federal Register notice, DOD said it is reinstituting the small business set-asides because its awards to those firms in 2007 fell below the 40% threshold, and some defense agencies did not meet the 35% threshold for A/E services.
Americans have not always been against reinstituting the draft, which was stopped in 1973.
Reinstituting the draft is the obvious way to meet the suddenly increased manpower needs for military and homeland security.
We are in so many ongoing fights that people are starting to talk about reinstituting the draft.
However, remember, this same emphasis on dance drama has been the central thrust of all Russian ballet since the beginning of the century, when Michel Fokine rediscovered it, reinstituting the two-hundred-year-old precepts of Jean-Georges Noverre in the process.
So called affirmative-action reform risks reinstituting workplace racism and sexism.
Suggestions for the renewal of parish and diocesan life such as reinstituting holy hours and adult catechism classes, if taken up, could be the little leaven that leavens the whole loaf.
Since discrimination against blacks continues, reinstituting or adopting race-conscious programs in the construction industry is justified.
Moreover, nine out of 10 of the patients who rejected their grafts showed evidence of anti-anti-antibodies, which seem to overwhelm the anti-antibodies, thereby reinstituting the original immune reaction.
During the debate over reinstituting the draft, Senator Robert Taft (R-Ohio) drew attention once again to the fact that conscription was the keystone of the Total State.