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Now is the opportune time to reinstitutionalize the basic military and officer training for our tertiary students.
In what ways do theological and juridical discourses deconstruct the same concept they have created and return it to society and reinstitutionalize it?
Many of the current so-called "reforms" in teacher education are being advanced by organizations that emerged to counter the gains of earlier civil rights movements and, instead, to institutionalize or reinstitutionalize stratification and inequities based on religion, gender, race, social class, and other social markers.
It shows that the system has the ability to effectively reinstitutionalize norms to the greatest clarity of juridicity.
The failure of community-based mental-health care to meet the needs of children in the wake of national deinstitutionalization served to push mentally ill kids into the juvenile-justice system--in effect, to reinstitutionalize them, this time into a system woefully ill-equipped to help.
Wong concludes by saying that the military must move away from creeping occupationalism and reinstitutionalize itself, albeit in concordance with the most advanced technological competency in computers and software.
The corpse becomes a mechanism, through ritual exchange and metonymic association, to remake the social so as to reinstitutionalize the world.
He predicted that, as more people with mental disorders were released into the community, "there will be an increase in pressure for use of the criminal justice system to reinstitutionalize them.
The second part links the idea of social capital to the argument that ethical integrity must depend upon a capacity and willingness to reinstitutionalize a holistic view of public service.
But blessings are always mixed, and in defying the designs of the past, we should be careful, perhaps, not to reinstitutionalize our preferences into "profiles" and thus into new forms of constraint.
In contrast, attempts to reinstitutionalize strategic management around market-oriented values and conduct have proven more difficult.
In the context of changing logics of action above and below them, actors at the managerial level attempted to sustain and reinstitutionalize their old patterns of behavior.