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Group contract for occupational retirement provision in the way of an approved, tax-privileged, exempt from corporation tax (annual proof of provident fund over the city of Munich) congruent reinsured provident fund with consulting services for all potentially for deferred compensation in question employees of the City of Munich (about 23 000).
One measure used to gauge the reinsurance market is the cession rate, which is the percentage of new business writings that were reinsured in the same year as written.
The amount of the reinsured share of the losses sent to non-domestic reinsurers from these events ranged from 90 to 100%," noted Michaela Koller, Director General of the CEA, the European insurance and reinsurance federation.
Hugh Stevenson, Chairman of Equitas, said: "It is excellent news for Reinsured Names that we have now completed the transaction having received all the necessary approvals.
California Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush estimates that 15 insurance companies in his state that are reinsured through Lloyd's would collapse, and some 40 others would have serious financial problems.
The ability of Northwind Re to pay dividends to Northwind Holdings will depend on its ability to maintain a minimum of 100% of the company action level risk-based capital (RBC) and on the performance of each of the ceding insurers' business reinsured to Northwind Re.
LONDON, December 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The Board of Equitas and the Equitas Trustees have written to all Reinsured Names announcing three consultation meetings in January.
Since stop-loss reinsurance attaches at an agreed-upon loss ratio, uncertainty as to whether losses from acts of terrorism will be reinsured is addressed.
In Phase II Equitas will seek approval of the High Court to transfer all the liabilities of Reinsured Names into Equitas or a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.
With each transaction reinsured, money flowed into the company's coffers, and the strategy was to generate the appearance of enough business to drive up the stock price.
Prior to the dissolution, FIE had all of its business reinsured by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, an affiliate.
Beginning October 1, 2005, long-term care insurance policies newly issued by the Company's subsidiaries, Penn Treaty Network America and American Network Insurance Companies, will be reinsured on a 75% quota share basis by Imagine.