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Facultative business can give rise to conflicts between reinsurers and cedants in the handling of claims, particularly if the cedant is concerned with reputational risk and has no meaningful exposure.
PwC has issued a report saying that the shares of nine in 10 listed reinsurers are undervalued.
It is unwinding the reinsurer, according to a source, because the cost of capital is too high.
insured is treated as having purchased insurance from the reinsurer directly--such that a 4% FET would apply.
On your next renewal, look into how your reinsurer has structured itself.
Superior National Insurance Group announced Wednesday it has filed a contract fraud suit against two reinsurers, seeking more than $200 million in damages for canceling workers' compensation coverage.
The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation reviews reinsurers for approval after companies undergo a selective application process requiring them to have capital and surplus of at least $100 million, proof of financial strength by at least two nationally recognized rating organizations, and evidence of continued financial soundness and stability.
The fronting insurer cedes nearly all of the risk to international reinsurers by way of a facultative reinsurance policy.
reinsurers comprising the Reinsurance Association of America (RAA) reported a gain of over $1 billion in 2012 net income compared to 2011, as written premiums increased and underwriting results improved.
Real risk sharing creates a spirit of partnership between a reinsurer and ceding company.
4371 imposes a tax (insurance excise tax) on each policy of insurance or reinsurance issued by a foreign insurer or reinsurer for risks located in the U.
Reinsurer capacity was then added to the insurer's capacity based on the commitment of the risk-specific reinsurance contract.