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SHIP and Teachers Mutual have not said how many Teachers Mutual LTCI policies SHIP will be reinsuring.
Reinsuring Health is divided into three broad sections: a comparison of how the face of the uninsured have changed from 1979 to 2004, a description of how the individual and small-group health insurance markets currently operate, and final proposal for a new public-private structure that may make private health insurance more affordable.
When a fear factor, in which those with contracts are afraid of being left without care, is combined with greater optionality and pricing, the risk of writing LTC insurance and reinsuring it should be more predictable going forward, Johnson says.
Russell Hackmann, managing director with Swiss Re, New York, says that reinsuring VAs with guarantees required the coordinated effort of the reinsurer's reinsurance and financial services business.
As life insurers focus more on distribution and asset management to compensate for slow growth in life insurance sales, they are interested in reinsuring more business to free up capital for expansion.
There is a refocus on reinsuring mortality rather than the asset component of variable annuities, he explains.
Other opportunities include demutualization, industry consolidation and reinsuring blocks of in-force business.
Other significant businesses focus on credit insurance of non-traditional mortgage assets and insuring and reinsuring municipal bonds and structured products.
The collapse of a controversial system for reinsuring workers' compensation risks spotlights the need to rethink the role of reinsurance brokers and to assess the risk that reinsurers won't honor their contracts.
Zurich is reinsuring a portion of the exposure through the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).
brokering, insuring or reinsuring a hull or liability policy that names as an additional insured an entity on the Specially Designated Nationals list, such as a bank in Iran or Libya that holds a mortgage or security interest in the covered asset, such as an aircraft, vessel or building;