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If proponents of Pleistocene rewilding choose areas where a good amount of plant diversity already exists, reintroducing megafauna could shift vegetation back toward its previous state, she says.
Moreover, the technical and practical hurdles for reintroducing a national currency are lower than generally presumed.
One supporter of re-wilding western lands explained that reintroducing wolves and other large predators was intended to "bring back another element that has been vanishing from the Western back country.
Lichtenberg: These caregivers should tie what they do functionally into reintroducing pleasurable events into residents' lives, as I just discussed.
Severe and fatal hypersensitivity reactions have occurred within hours of reintroducing the drug in patients with no identified history or unrecognized symptoms of hypersensitivity; 20% of patients with reactions had respiratory symptoms including cough, dyspnea, and pharyngitis, but the presentation of hypersensitivity varies widely and can include fever, rash, gastrointestinal symptoms, and malaise.
It took something like 15 to 18 years to get to the point of actually reintroducing wolves to the Rockies.
has responded to consumer demand by reintroducing I.
Extending our service by three weeks and reintroducing our Saturday daytime flight provides greater opportunity for our customers to plan their visit to the last frontier and do so at a time that best meets their needs.
Leigh Arkle: "Fab to see them reintroducing the native wildlife that we destroyed in the first place.
Riwilo Masulani, a biodiversity officer for the Environment Agency, said: "If we are successful in reintroducing the Greater Water Parsnip, it will help to improve the diversity of plants in the area which in turn will help to attract new plant species and wildlife.
Natural England's chief scientist, Tom Tew, said: "Decisions about reintroducing the beaver into England need to be made with a full understanding of their impacts, which is why we have commissioned our this study in advance of receiving any licence applications.
Reintroducing beavers could deliver significant financial benefits by stabilising river banks and increasing natural flood defences, cutting water companies' bills for dealing with pollution or by keeping river levels up in low-flowing areas to help nearby wild life and agriculture.