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He said: "We've now reached a point where we feel every piece of research has been done, every concern that can be raised has been raised, and the only way to move truly forward is with an intensively monitored trial reintroduction of a small number of cats.
The trust said the animals would be intently studied and the information gathered would be used to decide whether a full reintroduction can be carried out with more individuals across a wider area.
Scottish Natural Heritage are being kept informed after Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham pledged last year that no reintroductions would go ahead without full consultation.
Project officer Alicia Leow-Dyke believes the reintroduction of beavers into Wales could benefit other wildlife.
As well as providing many benefits for wildlife, beaver reintroduction could provide a real boost for the tourism industry in Wales.
According to BIA, the reintroduction of the tax on bank deposit interest rates was another blow to the unstable trust of the public and the business, contrary to earlier promises of the politicians to gradually remove it.
The reintroduction programme seeks to promote a healthy and sustainable environment for up to 500 Scimitar Horned Oryx over a period of five years, in an isolated natural reserve within the Oadi Rime-Oadi Achim Game Reserve in Chad.
The successful reintroduction programme will help remove the Scimitar Horned Oryx from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, IUCN, Red List of extinct in the wild species.
Bahrain's business community has launched a petition against the reintroduction of a tax on foreign workers, a report said.
It is the first success of a sixyear-old reintroduction programme which began with the release of young Norwegian eagles in Killarney.
With a reintroduction of bull trout underway, it is hoped that observations of bull trout in the river will become more commonplace.
The Wildlife Trusts said they had put forward a "strong case" for the managed reintroduction of the animal and will start of a consultation on which site should be chosen.