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He said: "The reintroduction of species will always be controversial but lynx are not a bad idea considering Britain's burgeoning deer population, with could do with some control.
While the reintroduction of border checks by member states will be featured more prominently in the Schengen reform, it will also be required to be made in a coordinated manner between the member states.
These are the latest in a series of successful reintroductions that have already re-established populations in the South and West of the island after the reds were almost wiped out by the 1990s.
The reintroduction of the beaver to Wales would be just a start in the re-diversification of Wales that would enhance the environment and in time readjust the climate.
For over ten years before the reintroduction effort, no bongo had been sighted around Mount Kenya.
I believe the Government should promote the expansions of regional railways, an example of which would be the reintroduction of passenger services on Ashington, Blyth and Tyne line, which would reduce car use substantially and assist the regeneration of a former mining area.
In the 1994 vote on the death penalty, MPs voted 383 to 186 against its return for murdering a police officer, and by 403 to 159 against a wider reintroduction.
OLYMPIC WOLVES: Reintroduction of gray wolves to Olympic National Park is biologically feasible, according to a study released by the U.
Last December, Judge William Downes ruled the reintroduction program illegal, and ordered the wolves removed from Idaho and Yellowstone.
AMEX: BRL) announced the reintroduction of Chlordiazepoxide HCL, 25mg Capsules, a generic equivalent to Roche's Librium(R).
Johnson is currently drawing up reintroduction plans for some 600 captive-bred tadpoles being nurtured at seven zoos, including his own -- all the offspring from a single northern P.
The North Carolina-based marketing, public relations and market research firm received national attention most recently with the successful launch of the new Build-A-Bear Workshop([R]) Home[TM] Youth Collection; the consumer introduction of Casa Cristina[TM], a Euro-Mediterranean furniture collection inspired by the savvy lifestyle of Cristina Saralegui - rated one of the most influential Hispanics in America by TIME magazine and host of Univision's top rated "The Cristina Show;" and the reintroduction of Keepsakes([R]), Pulaski Furniture Corporation's flagship brand of curios and home furniture.