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Conservation group Lynx UK Trust plans to trial the reintroduction of Eurasian lynx into forests in Northumberland, Cumbria, Norfolk and Aberdeenshire, to control deer numbers.
Reintroductions have already established free-ranging and semi-free herds in Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Slovakia.
Plant reintroduction in a changing climate; promises and perils.
Dr Craig Shuttleworth, from the Anglesey Red Squirrel Project, said: "After a long running campaign to remove the marauding grey squirrel, the autumn reintroductions will return one of the most popular and charismatic woodland animals to woodlands, parks and gardens from City Dulus to Benllech.
From the standpoint of species and ecosystem health, limited attempts at predator reintroduction in the United States have for the most part proven very successful.
Trust development officer, Nida Al-Fulaij, said: "This marks the 17th reintroduction in our programme which has taken place across 12 English counties, with more than 635 dormice being released over the last 16 years.
Additional reintroductions were achieved by relocating muskoxen from the Vrangel Island and Taimyr Peinsula populations (Table 1).
Red squirrels can now be found throughout the forest following their initial reintroduction and release in 2004, and more than 20 litters were born earlier this year.
He decries the "bad old days of species reintroductions of 'Let's just chuck them out there and come back later to see if any survived.
Thanks to the help of the Zoo's captive breeding and reintroduction program, there are about 200 nesting pairs of bald eagles in California today.
A species that survives only in captivity is actually extinct," explains Petra Kaczensky, a biologist at the Salzburg Zoo in Austria who is working on one of the takhi reintroduction programs.
AFBF's current president, Bob Stallman, is considered a moderate when compared to his very conservative predecessors, but he embraces a range of anti-environmental positions, including speaking out against the Kyoto global warming treaty, opposing predator reintroductions in the West and supporting weakening of the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA).