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Reinvigorating the nuclear enterprise is a Total Force priority and requires a Total Force focus.
Early in August, Iranian and North Korean officials in a meeting in Pyongyang explored avenues for bolstering and reinvigorating bilateral ties, specially in parliamentary fields.
Photo: (1) UPN is hanging high hopes on reinvigorating the network with the hit potential of animated series ``Dilbert.
The Unity Council in Oakland, responsible for reinvigorating the Fruitvale neighborhood, will today receive $50,000 to implement a financial education effort for local residents utilizing the Citigroup curriculum.
His track record shows he can do it all; from building powerful, leadership brands to reinvigorating troubled brands.
Riding a wave of bankruptcy acquisitions, revamped union contracts, and new technologies these companies are reinvigorating, re-shaping, and betting on the future of the US steel industry.
Fielding's Master of Arts in Collaborative Educational Leadership (MA-CEL) is designed to establish communities of teachers dedicated to reinvigorating their profession and translating their own learning into improved results in their classrooms," said MA-CEL Program Director Kathy Tiner.
Hashem shares Phogenix Imaging's goal of developing affordable, powerful digital imaging systems capable of reinvigorating the photofinishing market," said Fred Heigold, CEO of Phogenix Imaging.
Markus Wilhelm, CEO of BOOKSPAN stated, "BOOKSPAN is expanding and reinvigorating the book club concept.
His priorities will include reinvigorating our product line, creating new distribution channels with our senior management team and spearheading an even stronger marketing effort in our business space.
He has done a remarkable job of reinvigorating our magazines and improving the group's financial performance.
Blockbuster has parlayed these advantages to secure revenue-sharing arrangements with Hollywood studios, reinvigorating the home video rental industry and creating a sustainable competitive advantage over most local and regional home video chains.