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Gordon explained that the license was not reissued on the first of the year with other licenses because the board was led to believe that changes were occurring with the business.
With a 10-year career in furniture and licensed product design, DeLonge is now focusing her attention solely on Reissued, as it's truly the only platform of its kind in the online retail space.
The students and their parents have demanded of the government to ensure that the cards are reissued immediately so that they could seek admission in the next classes.
Tundra has also reissued the gorgeously illustrated A Time of Golden Dragons illustrated by Song Nan Zang and written by the artist and his son Hao Yu Zang.
Usually, the provided information includes exactly what the municipality requires for reissued payments.
Yet only about 14 percent of the study's sample had been reissued by rights holders, as compared with 22 percent that has been made available by "other entities," including foreign labels and others "operating under the legal radar.
Check out the Slits Cut LP reissued on the 4 Men With Beards label (who seem to be doing a great job of getting out-of-print stuff back in print).
For readers interested in exploring classic literature, Black Issues Book Review has compiled the following list of noteworthy titles recently reissued.
While it can stand alone as a reference text, it is designed to accompany an introductory textbook, Harrell's Basic Course in Moroccan Arabic (1965, reissued 2003), and his Short Reference Grammar of Moroccan Arabic (1962, reissued 2004), all produced by Harrell (1928-1964) while at Georgetown U.
Based on the Notice of Allowance, Sanofi-Aventis currently believes that the patent could be reissued by the USPTO by about mid-year 2005.
SIR; Unfortunately, ACNielsen must have failed to notify you that its initial data on the cider category for the November/ December period published as part of The Grocer's analysis of the Christmas bestselling drinks was wrong and had been reissued (The Grocer, February 22, p43).