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"You'll stay here!" he reiterated. "And take your hand off that key!
sirrah!" reiterated Crimsworth; and to complete his apostrophe, he cracked the whip straight over my head.
Harrison was here this evening and he said they had no hope of him," reiterated Davy.
"Go or stay," reiterated Wardour, "it's all one to me.
With this reiterated roll-call of the dead he walked into the darkness and we saw him no more.
She instantly understood him; and, in spite of Noel Vanstone's reiterated assertions that he stood in no need of the captain's arm, placed herself at once by the housekeeper's side.
With the greatest pleasure," he reiterated, repeating the words with a tender look for Magdalen, and a spiteful accent for Mrs.
Without doubt, these reiterated knocks were a signal; for, at the moment Fouquet approached the glass listening, the same noise was renewed, and in the same measure.
And since it is not you, marquise, since it cannot be you, deuce take the rest!" And he went on with his work in spite of the reiterated appeals of the bell.
Analysts at Societe Generale reiterated a sell rating on shares of Vodafone Group plc on December 18th.
He reiterated, "Today's generation are not familiar with the events and catastrophes related to the imposed war and the sacred defense, particularly with the vast usage of the enemies from the fatal chemical weapons, never having been exposed to them personally, which is why this exhibition provides a good and much needed opportunity for them to know about the criminal acts committed and realities of that war."
ISLAMABAD, October 18, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Co-Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) President Asif Ali Zardari has reiterated pledge to continue the fight against the militant mindset, that has challenged our way of life and value system.