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New Delhi [India], Dec 22 ( ANI ): The notification on surveillance is a reiteration of the order that was amended by the UPA government in 2008, when A Raja was the Minister of Communication and Information Technology and Shivraj Patil was the Home Minister, the government said on Saturday.
The meeting quite appropriately acknowledged contribution and sacrifices of all the stakeholders especially the resilient Pakistanis in rejecting terrorism and bringing about security and stability to the country and concluded by reiteration of determination to continue making efforts in support of the state institutions which are taking Pakistan on a positive trajectory of peace, stability and prosperity.
BEIRUT: Brazil Wednesday pledged to offer Lebanon further military aid, following the Brazilian president's reiteration of the importance of the Lebanese diaspora in Brazil.
Pawan Munjal, chairman and managing director, Hero MotoCorp, said, 'The launch of the new next generation Achiever 150 is a reiteration of our strong focus on developing new, technologically superior and youthful products across segments for our customers in India and across the globe.'
The gesture towards the national team is a reiteration of the support for youth in Oman."
Prayer is nothing but your understanding and reiteration of belief in your ability to handle the difficulties of life in a manner that you condition your mind to do so.
Earlier, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had openly challenged an external threat in a tweet, which said that Kashmir would become Pakistan, and this also appeared as a reiteration of his previous public statement.
This is a reiteration of the UAE's commitment to be an important voice in the global community and work for a greater good.
She includes both classics and works that have ostensibly disappeared from contemporary culture knowledge but have nonetheless affected the American social consciousness in the creation and reiteration of racialized images.
I WELCOME the reiteration of the pledge given by Michael Gove back in June 2012 that Prudhoe Community High School will be rebuilt.
"Today's celebration is a salute to our clients for their continuous support and loyalty, and a reiteration of our commitment to the local market."
The reiteration of cooperation came at a meeting between Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in New York on Tuesday.