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The reflection coefficient Sn, transmission coefficient [S.sub.21], and the reiterative characteristic parameters have a negative index, whereas the permittivity and the permeability are in the X-band frequency range.
She then shows how the reiterative enactment of this racial-spatial discourse not only normalizes disproportionately high rates of Indigenous deaths but also endorses the violent removal of Indigenous children from their families.
[31] and the reiterative calculation process described by Sun et al.
Social and technical division of work defines the conditions to which the CHWs are submitted in the work's daily routine as reported here: occupying the lowest position in the hierarchical relationship established in the FHS and having little acknowledgement from the rest of the team; disregard for their knowledge; fragile training; scarcity of technology and other work resources; reiterative practices; productive quotas as goals of work.
Combining the sensitivity and specificity of each protein with reiterative random tests, we used ClinProtools SNN (signal-to-noise: >5; correlation threshold base peak: 0.1-0.25), and the leave-1-out method to cross test, which gave the differential proteins combination for each group [Table 4].{Table 4}
between the myriad of insidious and reiterative performances of racism
The modern Western artist may become reiterative for many reasons.
The reiterative nature of the process of conducting the science investigation through the media arts production process meant that the students were revising the science concepts they had learnt and applied to their investigation.
Sailed on to red tides of nonpoint source to the sea of mercury island-hopping To the abyssal plains To isles of dumping To knolls of wild plastic To rigs of leaking To the flaming scrap swamps circled round pillars of solid scitta upsetting camp on a heap thinking it be homelike Shoring up alongside floats of glued birdwings Noun-hopping struggles againstlinear connectivity in this passage's reiterative"To." In these fibrous patterns of language, repetitionsof "To" and "Thats why he" insist oncausality, yet in their repeated and garbled iterations they suggest arepressive mode--that it is chaos and a lack of causality that requirethe implementation of mantras of causation.
Localism hails communities as subjects and agents of governance within reiterative practices intended to produce the embodiment of a new public (Newman and Clarke, 2009).
She discusses disability as it has been figured in twentieth century literary texts, arguing that bodies are both "real," material sites of identity and yet also discursively constructed through reiterative social and textual practices.