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Returning Officer (RO) rejected his nomination papers against the facts and his client was not given chance to defend him.
He's (Yasay) been rejected, he was just rejected, he will have to vacate,' Lacson told reporters after the CA voted to reject Yasay's appointment.
A two-judge bench heard the appeal and rejected it.
The press release also mentioned that the bill was rejected by the council on account of it being contradictory to the Shariah.
Yeah, I was rejected from Google Play too," he wrote.
Both old and new faces were included among the rejected cabinet members.
Voters in Maine rejected one that would have increased taxes on the beverage industry in order to fund the state's health care program.
Although CRS claims Daley was rejected not for being gay but because he didn't disclose his sexual orientation when applying, Syracuse Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Costello expressed disappointment.
They and their neighbors in a tidy Norwood neighborhood were to be evicted by Norwood officials in favor of a developer who had plans to replace their homes with a condominium-office-shopping complex; the court decision rejected Norwood's "right" to do so.
Creditors rejected VarigLog's offer on Monday, and an initial bid from an employee-led consortium collapsed when it was unable to make a cash down payment.
Under the prior Bankruptcy Code, the entire amount of the landlord's claim was entitled to administrative status when the debtor had initially assumed the lease but later rejected the lease.
Verse 22 recalls that the stone rejected by the builders as unsuitable becomes the cornerstone toward which the other building stones are oriented.