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The court while rejecting the appeal pleas against the filing of nomination papers, allowed both of the leaders to contest the election.
Google Play also started rejecting apps with 'Flappy' on the title.
In this research we demonstrate that rejecting alternatives makes consumers more likely to select preference-inconsistent options.
If there are multiple contracts, a receiver can "cherry-pick"-affirming the most profitable contracts and rejecting the less profitable ones--whereas a single contract presents the receiver with an all-or nothing situation.
Bishop Taama said that ECUSA "should not be at a loss" as to whether African provinces were rejecting money or not.
The Service will work closely with taxpayers to perfect incomplete or inadequate offers before returning or rejecting them.
Moreover, the legislative history is clear that Congress--after considering and rejecting alternative definitions--chose to leave the SEC's definitions in place.
A separate poll conducted for Phi Delta Kappa earlier this year found respondents rejecting a key principle of the voucher boosters: that competition among public and private schools will improve education.
At the same time, the book is profoundly conservative, rejecting the moral arguments for affirmative action in favor of more "pragmatic" considerations, dismissing as wrongheaded widely-held concerns about fairness in the university admissions process, and rejecting any significant role for universities in promoting social mobility by reaching out to disadvantaged applicants.
Rejecting the organization's argument that it was a private group exercising its free speech rights, the majority ruled that the group was a "public accommodation.
Ultimately, however, I am rejecting your offer as a protest against the brutal labor practices of the company.