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SR method = sequentially rejective pairwise comparison method, PB method = percentile bootstrap pairwise comparison method, WS, = within-subjects factor: CL = congruence level (C = congruent, I = incongruent, and C' = control), BSfe = between-subjects factors, VG = vision group, AG = audition group, RT = response time, and AR = accuracy rate.
PARI: Parental Attitude Research Instrument; FI: factor 1 (excessive motherhood); F2: factor 2 (democratic attitude and recognition of equality); F3: factor 3 (hostile and rejective attitude); F4: factor 4 (spousal misunderstanding); F5: factor 5 (authoritarian attitude); CSI: coping strategies indicator; PS: problem solving; SSS: searching for social support; A: avoidance; SD: standard deviation Table 7.
This is done using a modification of Hochberg's (1988) sequentially rejective method.
With regard to the interpretation of the factors, the evaluation of cold, rejective and abusive parents (Factor I) is antagonist to the characteristics of affective, comprehensive and supportive parents (Factor II).
Ozeki et al., "Water rejective nature of fluorinated microporous carbon fibers," Langmuir, vol.
This gender difference may be the cause of the difference in parental rejective response.
The computed augmented D-F statistic below the critical value in absolute terms requires rejective of the null hypothesis.
This, therefore, becomes the template most commonly evoked whenever religion is referred to in art, especially when religion is to suffer rejective insult--as it so often has, from Francis Bacon's Screaming Popes series of paintings, to Andres Serrano's Piss Christ, 1987.
"One moment Nasrallah seemed rejective and dismissive, and the next he was dictating conditions, and then he was opening possible doors." Shiryan continued, "He called for justice and announced his readiness to cooperate, and then he said that he refused to sit down with 'anyone in this world who wants to sit with us because one of us is accused'."