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Appropriate type I error rates were determined by the sequentially rejective Bonferroni procedure (Holm, 1979).
Thus, even if the values of central groups of the organization support traditional societal mores, a modernizing department or clique may develop an opposing subculture, or a traditional clique may oppose the rejective values of the dominant power-holders in the organization.
Modified sequentially rejective multiple test procedures.
j = 1 for attractive interaction, j = -1 for rejective interaction, j = 0 for [f.
When I wrote them I was rejective of that kind of life and now I am more tolerant.
Educating the Rejective Practitioner, Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, CA, 1987.
A dose dependent increase in the rejective behaviors was observed in the females treated with the extract: the difference both in the number of the behaviors and in the percentage of rats exhibiting this effect was found statistically significant in comparison with vehicle group after the administration of the highest dose of the extract (p <0.