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The researchers have successfully rejuvenated cells from elderly donors, some over 100 years old, thus demonstrating the reversibility of the cellular aging process.
It left me rejuvenated and ready to face the world again.
He said that MMA would have to undergo many trials to be rejuvenated, and said that unity and coalition among religious oriented polity was never so desperately felt; in face of many global challenges being faced by Ummah.
The newly rejuvenated faces of ageing Hollywood stars offer good examples for the use of own fat," says DDr.
Werther's Original, the top hard-boiled sweet from Bendicks Mayfair, is being rejuvenated and expanded with a contemporary brand positioning and pack design, as well as a multi-million pound support package which includes TV advertising and heavyweight trade investment.
I also feel mentally and physically rejuvenated, able to overcome the challenges that are sure to come my way.
In fact, the exercise has rejuvenated him as an actor and boosted his career.
When I feel rejuvenated, I feel enlivened, energized, connected with the world around me, and all of those qualities are ones that we notice in children.
Alexandra Champalimaud & Associates (ACA), the same New York based interior design firm which rejuvenated the Manhattan landmark Algonquin Hotel, has been contracted to design the interior public spaces of the rejuvenated Atlantic Terminal in downtown Brooklyn.
A rejuvenated Hubble Space Telescope floated away from the space shuttle Columbia on Saturday, March 9, after astronauts spent a week renovating the observatory.
ISNA News, redesigned and rejuvenated this month after a move from its beginnings in San Francisco to a new home in Michigan, is published by the Intersex Society of North America, whose board of directors includes representatives of the Androgen Insensitivity Support Group, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, the Intersex Society, and the Michigan State University Dept.
In Waukesha, Wisconsin, the city officials are dreaming of a pretty downtown, with fixed-up buildings, a rejuvenated business district, and none of those loud, alcoholic, pee-in-the-stairwell types who populate run-down city centers across the country.