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Although the rejuvenated mixes (CM and WM) contained similar percentages of RAP (30%, 40%, and 50%), they had different levels of rejuvenator.
It's a bit like what Melbourne has done in the Docklands adding next to the city a completely rejuvenated urban space.'
Hui Sun of Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that reprogramming the gene CITED2 in aged tendon stem cells not only reversed the age-related fate and function of these cells, but when implanted into injured aged tendons, enhanced tendon healing and rejuvenated the host tissue."
It also helps to keep your skin hydrated and rejuvenated all day long.
Damaged and aged heart tissue of older heart failure patients was rejuvenated by stem cells modified by scientists, according to a new study.
It left me rejuvenated and ready to face the world again.
He said that MMA would have to undergo many trials to be rejuvenated, and said that unity and coalition among religious oriented polity was never so desperately felt; in face of many global challenges being faced by Ummah.
STEVE Bruce's "rejuvenated" Sunderland will be more dangerous opponents following their recent revival, according to Martin O'Neill.
Missouri MTA is growing with ideas, rejuvenated collegiate chapters, innovative state conferences, a new design of NOTES (print publication), investigation of funding strategies, and an expanded website (
In that time their indestructible idealism, tucked inside their signature folk-pop, has rejuvenated progressive, gay, and female audiophiles seeking refuge from a socially and politically alienating culture.
A rejuvenated Billingham town centre will be great for the people who live there, great for the business community - and great for the economy of the whole Tees Valley.
"In addition, tenants in our Stamford buildings still have access to thousands of new "in-city" residential units, and to a rejuvenated downtown with quality retail and restaurants, and with such exceptional arts, entertainment, and cultural amenities as the Rich Forum, Stamford Center for Arts and Palace Theater."