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has acquired US-based technology company Rekindle, the company said on Tuesday.
His family said: "He died trying to rekindle a lost love.
Donations in lieu of flowers will go to the wildlife trust and Rekindle.
Whether you want to seduce that new someone in your life or rekindle a long-time relationship, you'll find ways to do so that you probably haven't even thought of before listening to this CD.
Bernanke will probably need to rekindle an equity bubble in order to compensate for wealth losses in the housing market.
Rekindle desire with Kal Yee's sensual black-and-white portraits of mostly nude men in Slide ($45 from slidethebook.
A headline this week read "Can Lewis rekindle the Morse magic?
ANEWTV dating show will try to rekindle romance between first loves.
By making some changes and taking some chances, you too may rekindle your romantic self.
Pharmavite, Northridge, CA, recently held a press conference to announce the official launch of its Rekindle product to the consumer market.
They rekindle their shattered bond by meeting weekly to discuss each other's life situations and to help one another through the stresses of life.