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RELAPSE. The condition of one who, after having abandoned a course of vice, returns to it again. Vide Recidive.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The associations between potential risk factors among infrequent and frequent relapsers (frequent relapses and or steroid dependence) were studied initially through a univariate analysis.
Objectives: To determine the long term outcome of chronic HCV patients who have completed the interferon therapy and compare results between responders, relapsers and non-responders.
While chronic relapsers require a spiritual rearrangement, treatment or professional help is often necessary as well.
Among these, 100 (91.7%) patients were non-responders and 9 (8.3%) were relapsers. The mean age of the patients was 38.9+-8.8 years.
The chronic relapser who has been in many treatment programs often has developed an ability to feign:
While this is a simple and obvious criterion of a chronic relapser, the distinction of an individual who has attempted sobriety and failed is important.
Another study with 13 haemophiliacs with chronic hepatitis C infection detected that the combination therapy with IFN alpha and ribavirin yielded better results: four of eight patients still untreated with IFN alpha, one of two relapsers, and one of three non-responders to previous IFN alpha monotherapy achieved sustained virological response [18].
102 (81.6%) patients were treatment naive, 7 (5.6%) treatment non-responders and 16 (12.8%) were relapsers. Fifty eight (46.4%) patients had cirrhosis including 43 treatment naive, 4 non-responders and 11 relapsers patients.
Of the 1002 patients evaluated, 18 (1.8%) patients were non-responders and 25 (2.5%) patients were relapsers. An additional 23 (2.3%) patients had detectable HCV after three months of treatment, but we cannot say whether these patients are non-responders or relapsers, as the end-of-treatment evaluations were not available in their medical records.
Relapsers could either repeat pembrolizumab or cross over to the pembrolizumab arm.
Patients will receive an initial 12 weekly intravenous doses of study drug; additional weekly dosing can be administered for partial responders and relapsers. The primary endpoint, which could suffice for full approval, is reduction in proteinuria at 24 weeks after the start of dosing.
During 48-week interferon-based treatment a significant decrease of fasting glucose and glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) was observed in patients who achieved SVR but not in relapsers [24].