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RELAPSE. The condition of one who, after having abandoned a course of vice, returns to it again. Vide Recidive.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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97.65% treatment naive patients achieved SVR24 however only 90.9% relapsers and 60% non-responders achieved SVR24.
Frequent relapsers (frequent relapses and or steroid dependence) had a significantly lower age at onset (61.97[+ or -]40.66 vs.
An important contribution of this study is that it is focused on relapsers. Having suffered relapses can undermine the motivation to quit if it is experienced as a failure.
One out of four primarysteroid resistant nephrotic syndrome patients and five out of six steroid-dependent nephrotic syndrome patients became infrequent (5) or frequent (1) relapsers [110].
A chronic relapser, he enrolled in various rehab centers and a halfway house.
In the SHCS study, relapsers smoked more in the three follow-up visits before quitting and had poor motivation to quit (Figure 1).
Objectives: To determine the long term outcome of chronic HCV patients who have completed the interferon therapy and compare results between responders, relapsers and non-responders.
Among the frequent relapsers, one patient had Cushingoid features like moon facies, two patients developed hypertension.
For testing the change in craving and NWS over the three times points (pre, post-treatment and 3 months follow-up), among abstainers and relapsers at 3 months follow-up, mixed factor analyses of variance (ANOVAs) were conducted, with time as the repeated factor and smoking status at 3 months follow-up (abstainer-relapser) as the between-subjects factor.
This benefit directly improves the lives of chronic relapsers, arguably the patients who need treatment the most.
This study, like ours, consisted of a variety of patients (steroid resistant, steroid dependent, steroid sensitive and frequent relapsers).
It was considered a failure if HCV RNA values had not been reduced by more than 2 logs compared to the initial ones (non-responders), and if the presence of HCV RNA was proved six months after the completion of treatment which was negative during the treatment (relapsers).