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But without entering into any particulars concerning actions for murder, and those wherein strangers are the parties, let us particularly treat of those courts which have the jurisdiction of those matters which more particularly relate to the affairs of the community and which if not well conducted occasion seditions and commotions in the state.
When group membership is homogeneous in ability, gifted students at any age may be more inclined than otherwise to relax, remove a facade of invulnerability, find developmental commonalities, make connections with others who can relate to their feelings and experiences, and gain skills and language related to expression of feelings and concerns.
Relate to the registration of the transaction with a Federal, state or local government body.
It not only provides a sense of "self," our body image also affects how we think, act, and relate to others.
American Memory, maintained by the Library of Congress, is an online gateway to unique primary source materials that relate to the history and culture of the United States.
When acquisition costs relate to normal, in-house recurring expenses, the fact they are incremental, directly attributable or related to integration will not make them capitalizable.
The proposed regulations relate to the profit-split method of computing CTI under section 936(h)(5).
Nonetheless, it is hoped that these initiatives will influence, to some extent, some of the funding priorities of NIDRR and the Office of Special Education Programs that relate to technology.
For this provision to apply, however, a course must relate to maintaining or improving skills required by the employee's job (rather than meeting the minimum skill level required for the job); further, the education itself must not qualify the individual for a new trade or business.
Accounting methods relate to the treatment of income and expenditures -- whether as capital or expense items.