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Relatedly, limited funding for programs overall and for the amount available to individual landowners was the most frequently identified disincentive to participation in USDA's programs.
Relatedly, in an essay titled "Conservation, preservation and heritage," the authors present a hopeful vision of how cultural heritage can provide a platform for sustainable resource management (p.
Relatedly, was the much smaller comparison group re: ethnicity/race.
Relatedly, unlike Gambrinus, Constellation consistently ranks among the top tier of beer suppliers among beer distributors polled independently by Tamarron Consulting.
In fact, while we have made different choices about both government and, relatedly, how we spread our collective wealth among citizens, the poverty rate is an unacceptable 12 per cent in both Canada and the United States.
Relatedly, the Burns also oversees the Irish music library which contains one of the more extensive and diverse collections to be found anywhere containing a remarkably rich store of Irish sheet music and digital recordings of a wide variety of Irish concerts and musical performances.
And, of course, we know why that battle was left to locals--and why, relatedly, we never had more than about 10,000 troops in Afghanistan in 2001.
Relatedly, Henderson and Mapp have synthesized S 1 studies that highlight the positive influences of family and community involvement in schools on student academic achievement.
Third, and relatedly, "AND" is a much less explicit description of actions, and therefore cloaks the decision to invoke AND status with some ambiguity.
Relatedly, he considers the question of whether there can be an epistemological common ground between believers and unbelievers.
Relatedly, and not surprisingly, reference to forest peoples is almost wholly absent from the Forum's Outcome Statement.
Relatedly, they should be asked to identify and describe persons whom they believe are ideal fathers, or at least someone they believe comes the closest.