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Chart 4 Compatible Combinations Best combinations at task Second best combinations at task compatibility compatibility Thinker - Relater Thinker - Thinker Director - Relater Relater - Relater Socializer - Relater Socializer - Thinker
Enfin, le SM du PM et Chef de la FP doit diffuser sa vision, ses attentes et son engagement a soutenir les gens, ainsi que relater les initiatives d'appui qu'il a realisees afin de combattre le cynisme de ceux qui affirment que les hauts dirigeants ne s'engagent qu'en paroles.
A very similar model by Tony Alessandra uses the styles of Thinker, Director, Socialiser and Relater.
I am clear in my mind that had we got the relater, the circumstances could have been much worse.
Il s'agit d'une demarche facultative que les auteurs pourraient entreprendre pour relater des experiences enrichissantes.
L'auteure est en mesure de relater ces discussions grace a son impressionnant travail de recherche, et ce, malgre le fait que le contenu du futur code civil n'ait pas encore ete officiellement communique.
Each individual has one or more dominant chakras that defines their path in life - manifester, feeler, thinker, relater, communicator, visionary, spiritualist, shaman, idealist, naturalist, commander.
Some other examples include c u d z o -- sw -- (cudzolostwo, 'adultery'), primed with wtasny 'own', which is the associate of the initial stem cudzy 'somebody else's', or k r o t k o -- i -- (krotkowidz, 'short-sighted'), primed with the word dlugi 'long', which is semantically relater to the first stem krotki 'short'.
10) The 5-year-old boy in whom detailed laboratory testing was indicated had a positive (albeit undisclosed) history of postadenoidectomy bleeding, but his most recent episode was clearly relater to the challenge by surgery itself.
During the ceremony, an artist, a relater, and witnesses work together to document an important event.
The Platinum Rule divides behavioral preferences into four basic styles: director, socializer, relater and thinker.
Blue languages includes such words as: relater, asks, emotional, willing, sentimental, dependable, agreeable, loving, harmonious, listening, sympathetic, being accepted, romantic, feelings first, helps others, present-focused, warmth.