relating to the family

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The day before the Dings were killed, a High Court injunction had been served on Du, freezing assets relating to the family home in Radford.
In February 1985 he was convicted of three counts of criminal damage and one of theft relating to the family of a previous girlfriend.
Nashwa has dedicated her life to helping the social structure of the family through her talk show as she tackles important and often taboo subjects relating to the family.
I would be very interested in hearing from family or friends of Peter who can throw light on his whereabouts or wellbeing or give me any information relating to the family.
Aldo Giordano, secretary-general of the Council of European Bishops' Conference pointed out on radio, that "certain subjects, especially those relating to the family, are not within the direct competence of the European Union but fall under the jurisdiction of the individual states.
Added Lowry, ``You'd like to spend your time relating to the family, instead of relating to an oven.