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Deputy Attorney General Sajid Ilyas Bhatti said that internment camps were a matter relating to the Home Department and the tribal areas.
The transactions relating to the Home Timber and Hardware sale and Masters inventory clearance by GA Australia are proceeding as announced.
WAR II features stories, photographs and original objects relating to the home front in the local area during the war years.
SIR - I welcome Paul Martin Remfry's study of the documentary evidence relating to the home of the Welsh Princes of Wales, and the conclusions ("The princess of Hollywood helps to save the lost palace of Wales' princes with a 'substantial' gift", Nov 9).
Residents, staff and dwellers in the vicinity deserve some far more positive information relating to the home than has so far been released
The Learning Team at the Museum of Hartlepool is asking for donations of original wartime relics relating to the Home Front during the First and Second World Wars which would be loaned to schools.