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En la tradicion latinista el termino logos estaba vertido poliedricamente como ratio, conceptus, conceptio, verbum, terminus, mentio, oratio, argumentatio, raciocinatio, sermo, ordo, relatio, proportio, entre otros.
Other terms are drawn from previous years' research and theoretical approaches to the study of verbal relatio ns (e.g., naming, emergent relation, equivalence class).
There is therefore no contradiction between the pilgrimage borrowed from William of Boldensele and the journey to the East built around the skeleton of Odoric of Pordenone's relatio: the journey to the furthest extremes of the world, to India, Cathay, Prester John, and Paradise, always stands in a coherent and intimate relationship to the consideration of the Holy Land at its centre.
It noted that it does already have a partner relatio nship with BMC and claims there is little overlap between their products.
Relatio ns between the two men cooled when Sir Jack's son was demoted to deputy chairman and the rift eventually led to Mr Hayward, a farmer who lives in Northumberland, resigning from the club at the end of the 1997-98 season.
Case studies are included in each chapter of the treatment manual to demonstrate how some of the activities have been used in actual therapeutic situations, and the authors highlight their four-phase approach to recovery that covers building the therapeutic relatio nship, processing the abuse, repairing the sense of self, and becoming more future oriented.
Abraham Fleming, the working editor for the 1587 edition of the Chronicles, thus entitled his (now lost) accounts of their censorship De castratione Chronicorum and De modo castrandi reformandiq; Chronica predicta brevis & vera relatio (See Castanien, 27).
Pisone patre begins, as is normal for senatus consulta, with the formal notification of the date of the meeting of the senate and the names of the witnesses to the inscribing of the decree, followed by an account of the business brought before it (the relatio).(29) On the occasion recorded in this inscription, the meeting which took place on ...
Voyage to Maryland: Relatio Itineris in Marilandiam.
The customary procedure was for the presiding magistrate to bring (referre) an open question (res integra) before the Senate (relatio), call upon the senators in descending order of rank (in loco suo), beginning with the consuls-elect and then the consulars, then praetors-elect and past praetors in descending order of dignitas and auctoritas.(26) Each senator was asked to express his opinion (sententia), and the magistrate in charge decided when to put the question to a vote and what question to put.
Maternal smoking, low birth weight, and ethnicity in relatio to sudden infant death syndrome.
This was a consequence of the expected stronger relatio between accuracy and confidence in the latter case (the optimality hypothesis).