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It is fair to say that relational theory is the only solid framework for establishing a rational expression of data that falls anywhere inside the boundaries of formal logic.
Relational aggression can be defined as interpersonal manipulative behaviours such as social exclusion (e.
CocoBase(R) Enterprise O/R, Dynamic Object to Relational Mapping(TM) optimized for J2EE and J2SE customer success is the top solution for solving the Object to Relational impedance mismatch.
Relational aesthetics set out to tap the creative potential of social space.
It provides full relational capability, excellent data analysis features, and a wide variety of programming tools.
CocoBase can be also used entirely within the Eclipse / WebSphere Studio Application Development (WSAD) environment to map objects to relational data and generate the persistence components.
Indeed, the research is showing that relational aggression can be every bit as harmful as physical aggression to a child.
Traditionally, IT organizations have been reluctant to remove relational data from production databases because of inherent difficulties.
To describe some of the most common American Indian perspectives of wellness and balance, the relational worldview (Cross, 1998) will be presented.
The functional, relational records retention methodology is a systematic approach to records retention that incorporates legal research, legal analysis, retention rules, and record series through a series of interrelated data tables, based on the functional organization of information.
What's a relational data base or an analytical process?

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