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The book offers readers an overview of the finance function of an organization, a breakdown of the traditional finance models, an introduction to Relational Finance, and actionable ways to leverage finance capabilities to drive better teams, better growth, and better deals.
"Relational Reset: Unlearning the Habits that Hold You Back" will reveal unhealthy patterns that may be holding you back, give you practical steps for improving your relationships, and help you find your ultimate security and identity in Jesus Christ.
RFT posits that three properties define relational framing: mutual entailment, combinatorial entailment, and transformation of stimulus function (Hayes et al., 2001).
The book features a novel defense of the relational approach to morality, which emphasizes the special significance that moral requirements have, both for agents who are deliberating about what to do.
In spite of the tensions between emergentists and processualists, realists and pragmatists, relationists and transactionists, it should be noted, however, that all relational sociologists are united by a common belief in the interdependence of human beings and a commitment to consciously foster social relations that nurture common values.
Chapter 3 weaves together relational and individual factors that contribute to the experience of uncertainty, including levels of intimacy, relational transitions, social networks, attachment insecurity, and tolerance of ambiguity, among others.
Theoretical framework: Relational leadership and care ethics for schools
Keywords: Relational uncertainty, partner interference, relational turbulence, married couples
To begin this discussion, it is necessary to first define what we mean by "relational pedagogy." In simple terms, relational pedagogy is the systematic construction of appropriate relationships embedded within the schooling process.
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This guide examines the role of relational depth in counseling and psychotherapy and the nature of this state of profound contact and engagement and a form of practice that centralizes it.
In today's enterprises, then, the question becomes: How are new technologies--especially the cloud and NoSQL databases--affecting relational database adoption?

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