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This volume of data can still be managed with relational databases, which have been the industry standard since the mid-1980s and are still in wide use for mid-size to large data sets that can be processed on a single computer.
Tatarinov, "A general technique for querying XML documents using a relational database system," ACM SIGMOD Rec., vol.
Nonetheless, relational databases are inefficient and slower than graph for processing complex relationships and joins.
Using its relational database and reporting tools, the cooperative figured out which members' transactions were costing the most and crafted a strategy to address the problem.
Another limitation of having to process data before it goes into a relational databases is that decisions about the design of the database have to be made before any data has been analyzed.
In Section 4, we will present more details of the proposed watermarking scheme for a relational database.
In order to be used in a relational database and minimize dynamic conversion, coordinates need to be stored in a single format.
To * Relational Databases: DB2, SQL Server, Oracle * Target Languages: C# .NET, VB .NET, IBM EGL (Java), .NET COBOL; Microsoft Reporting Services, 390 COBOL
Redundant data in large tables pose big problems particularly in the relational database tables.
With this addition, Genero customers can now take advantage of the first patented relational database management system (RDBMS) to take full advantage of the very latest microprocessor architectures.
[check] Does the system rely on a relational database to link forms and eliminate dual data entry?
With a growing trend toward high-performance, low-cost grids, thousands of organizations are standardizing on Oracle 10g, the first relational database designed for grid computing.

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