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Although USM can migrate relational database tables up and down the HSM hierarchy, based on the last reference to any data in a database table or file, the size of the production database does not change.
However, unlike traditional archiving, active archiving is a proven technology that safely archives and removes nonessential data from complex relational databases with 100 percent accuracy.
A standard relational database is not good at multi-dimensional search," said Malcolm Colton.
Hitachi America, Information Division, Embedded Business Group, markets and sells relational database solutions for a variety of embedded applications.
Looking ahead to future growth in relational database adoption, the Gartner report stated that "the worldwide RDBMS market is poised for continued growth through 2010 as data management and integration take on a strategic importance in an increasing number of organizations.
Jim Starkey is a true pioneer in the relational database field, having designed DEC's relational database architecture and created the InterBase RDBMS.
Unify NXJ Composer quickly converts the Lotus Notes database, forms, formula language and LotusScript to a J2EE-based, relational database application that integrates with the overall enterprise architecture and leverages existing IBM hardware and software investments such as AIX, WebSphere and DB2.
It is understood now that relational databases are not the be-all and end-all, for many purposes a relational model is not required, inefficient or just counter-intuitive.
With a single program, database managers can save time and money in the design, development and maintenance of enterprise relational databases.
has unveiled the latest version of Aqua Data Studio, it's universal database tool for building, managing and maintaining enterprise relational databases.
WebGain TopLink(TM) connects and persists Java Objects to relational databases.

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