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necessary to solicit a Contractor to develop a new relationally integrated computer system for the Division that will replace
95 times more likely to relationally bully students who received special education support, [chi square](l, n = 3,235) = 31.
Therefore, we can use the DSM nomenclature, but also work at being fluent in talking about interventions relationally as they pertain to the descriptive symptom, assess strengths and deficits, and emphasize how the symptom and diagnosis are embedded in multiple contexts and relationally influenced.
lists eight steps in the creative process, allowing her to present creativity in a relationally nuanced manner.
They represent symbols that individuals are unable to express and experience emotionally, verbally and relationally.
No differences were found between boys and girls in the amount of aggression experienced and expressed, although differences were found the way in which aggression was expressed, with males more physically aggressive, and females more relationally aggressive (Moller& Krahe, 2009).
In the same way, I believe the majority of advisors are still out "looking for the sale" (digging the ditch), whereas others are building a business (vaguely aware of a larger goal), while a precious few are committed to investing in their profession, hiring a talented staff, working out of an efficient, impressive office, and building a thriving practice of clients-for-life whose continuous referrals will enrich them relationally as well as financially over many years.
That is, as a recipient of this life-in-relation, I am called to live relationally thereafter and to share and honor it with others.
empathy), such that both parties can grow relationally.
Given these differences, and guarding against the impulse to ignore them and collapse philosophy and art into each other, Gracia argues that a clear account of interpretation shows that philosophy and art can be connected relationally, that is, in interpretations which relate art objects to philosophical understandings introduced by interpreters.
I will simply say that those who have taken the time to really know who they are have a better time of it, relationally, vocationally, and spiritually.
Our actions are going to be on our children--we are relationally accountable to the next seven generations to make things better for them," she explained.