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RELATIVE. One connected with another by blood or affinity; a relation, a kinsman or kinswoman. In an adjective sense, having relation or connexion with some other person or thing; as relative rights, relative powers.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Trade tensions and sluggish productivity growth could slow the decline in the relative price of machinery and equipment, which would hold back investment growth worldwide," they said in a joint analysis.
Because employees can be competitive and driven to achieve (or, at the very least, don't want to look bad compared to their colleagues), relative performance feedback can motivate and encourage employees to improve in order to meet and exceed the performance of their peers.
bull Social and cultural impact if the qualifying relative had to relocate overseas to be with the applicant bull Economic impact on the qualifying relative if the hardship waiver is not granted bull Health conditions and medical care of the qualifying relative bull Country conditions, and State Department travel warnings for the country where the qualifying relative would have to relocate.
With this in mind, they now want to trace the relatives of the 100-plus boys, so that they can join in the service.
"We show that experience of organ donation processes varies between relatives of donor versus non-donor patients, the latter experiencing more difficulty and burden," the authors write.
Since Engel-type real exchange rate variance decomposition exercises may underestimate the importance of the relative price of non-traded goods, in this paper I use a different approach.
The NSS_Slovenia focuses on the relative frequency of the international security and security (research units 1, relative frequency (1)) enabling also: a) the security relational links between security risks and threats (research units 2, relative frequency (2)), national and internal seucirty environment (research units 1, relative frequency 6) and b) the settings of the rule of law (research units 1, relative frequency (4)), development encounters (research units 1, relative frequency (4)), migration and human rights fixings (research units 2, relative frequency (1)), security environment and climate change (research units 3, relative frequency (2)).
Acquisition of relative clauses in early and late language development has been the subject of intense research.
In this excerpt the authors incorrectly assumed that a larger odds ratio would imply a higher PAR, which, in turn, would give rise to a larger relative risk.
Dubai: Filipinos sponsoring relatives on tourist visas to come to the UAE to find work will be held responsible if their relatives run into trouble in the UAE, a senior labour official said.
Relative humidity is a unit of measurement for the moisture content of air.

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