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The following variables were subject to statistical analysis: fluency in blank circle use, relative flexibility in blank circle use, relative originality in blank circle use, the number of highly original solutions in blank circle use, fluency in figure completion, relative originality in figure completion, the number of highly original solutions in figure completion, and the number of phosphenic responses.
The ratings reflect the UK economy's size, diversity and openness, the country's flexible fiscal and monetary policies, its fiscal consolidation track record and the relative flexibility of its product and labour markets.
Offering excellent quality ensures consistent and reliable performance and our relative flexibility and willingness to engineer solutions to meet the needs of various applications, particularly of converters is useful for innovators.
MEPs reiterate their support for experimenting with lower VAT rates for labour-intensive services "as a structural element of the VAT system," on the condition that member states can retain relative flexibility on a local level and that these reduced rates do not distort cross-border competition.
The relative flexibility of the options, therefore, confines local authorities in an interface path with the private sector.

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