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Quantities consist either of parts which bear a relative position each to each, or of parts which do not.
The rope drags, either on land or sea, while the balloon is free ; the latter, consequently, is always in advance, when any progress whatever is made : a comparison, therefore, by means of the compass, of the relative positions of the two objects, will always indicate the course.
1] From the bones of the Scelidotherium, including even the knee-cap, being intombed in their proper relative positions, and from the osseous armour of the great armadillo-like animal being so well preserved, together with the bones of one of its legs, we may feel assured that these remains were fresh and united by their ligaments, when deposited in the gravel together with the shells.
With Fettes he was on terms of intimacy; indeed, their relative positions called for some community of life; and when subjects were scarce the pair would drive far into the country in Macfarlane's gig, visit and desecrate some lonely graveyard, and return before dawn with their booty to the door of the dissecting-room.
Or do you think that my having been unfortunate is a sufficient reason why our relative positions should be changed, and that she should command and I should obey?
The next moment she was back in the place she had started from, with another half-turn on his part, so that they came again into the same relative positions.
The reversal of the two natures, in their relative positions, Uriah's of power and Mr.
Logan's is a great brand and I look forward to continuing to strengthen its relative position in the marketplace and build a foundation for long-term sustainable growth," Borgese added.
The current edition adds 39 countries, bringing the total to 118, each treated with two pages of charts and graphs giving data on the country's relative position with regard to entrepreneurial attitudes, abilities, and aspirations.
Our Moon changes position daily, spinning around the Earth at a speed which almost exactly keeps the same side facing us at all times; and there are constant changes in relative positions between it, the Earth and the Sun throughout the month When we enjoy a good run of weather, it can be fascinating to track the Moon each day and see how much its relative position alters.
We don't need to earn our way to Basel III compliance and that'll put us in very good relative position as these standards evolve into practice.
All signal processing is carried out within the unit providing an output current proportional to either peak-to-peak shaft vibration or relative position to the probe face.

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