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HB 127: relative to the Board of Medicine and the medical review subcommittee and relative to health care workforce survey data.
Relative performance feedback motivates employee effort because it introduces social comparisons by making employees aware of how successfully they're completing their jobs relative to other employees.
That would make domestic-traded goods cheaper relative to foreign-traded goods.
While there is nothing improper about a federal employee encouraging a relative to apply for an appointment to federal service-or even obtaining information about how to apply for a position-it is critical that the employee not play any part in the evaluation, selection, or appointment of a relative to federal service.
H-2165 HB1215 Relative to the rights of Patrick Abrami
The industries that are more open to trade are expected to demand more workers relative to other industries, affecting the relative demand for workers between industries.
Industry turnover in October 2012 fell 20.9 percent relative to October 2011.
Only 15 percent in the region chose arranging for the relative to go into a residential home as an option.
A transponder tracks a plane's position relative to the ground and other aircraft as part of a system to help avoid collisions.
A pay relative is a calculation of pay--wages, salaries, commissions, and production bonuses--for a given metropolitan area, relative to the Nation as a whole.
Rather, a force transducer can achieve an accuracy of 0.01% or better only through calibration relative to a known reference.
From the beginning of kindergarten to the end of first grade, black students lose 20 percent of a standard deviation (approximately 10 percent of a standard deviation each year) relative to white students with similar characteristics.

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