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H-2165 HB1215 Relative to the rights of Patrick Abrami
Only 15 percent in the region chose arranging for the relative to go into a residential home as an option.
A pay relative is a calculation of pay--wages, salaries, commissions, and production bonuses--for a given metropolitan area, relative to the Nation as a whole.
01% or better only through calibration relative to a known reference.
From the beginning of kindergarten to the end of first grade, black students lose 20 percent of a standard deviation (approximately 10 percent of a standard deviation each year) relative to white students with similar characteristics.
The RIF produces estimated relative risks for any given condition for the population within defined areas around a point source, relative to the population in a local reference region (Aylin et al.
Relative to never-users, current users of estrogen-only therapy had a risk of breast cancer that was increased by about one-third (relative risk, 1.
examining relaxation in quenched waxes relative to non-quenched waxes;
Since a disease is an insurable event, each DRG represents the average resources needed to treat patients grouped to that DRG relative to a national average.
The Model Y501 relative viscometer determines solution viscosities by the viscosity of the sample relative to the reference solvent.
6 percent said they would move their relative to assisted living.
This discount to net asset value, along with P/E multiples and current yield, are the key measures combined to produce the AEW REIT Relative Value Index, a measure developed by AEW to assess the value of REIT shares relative to other types of investment assets.

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