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One's imagination can go further and wonder whether particles that are unknown to relativistic quantum field theory can arise in condensed matter," said Bernevig.
Two beams of gold ions are collided head-on when they have reached nearly the speed of light (what physicists refer to as relativistic speeds).
After half a century's silence, in 1963, Henrich Ott (Sommerfeld's student) proposed that a moving object would become warmer (1963) and this result reopened the discussions of relativistic thermodynamics.
Changing now simultaneous events into sequential events according to the proven and undisputed formulas of relativistic mechanics and considering this simple quantization scheme at the low limits of space distance and time progress generates quantized rotary elements within the overall picture.
In this direction, we point out that the relativistic non-autonomous Lagrangian geometry [9] has as natural habit the 1-jet space [J.
Generalized recurrent energy momentum tensor in a general relativistic space time
In relativistic thinking, which is a particular mode of postformal thinking, specific beliefs and values are part of larger thought systems (Kahlbaugh, 1989; Kramer & Melchior, 1990; Kramer et al.
3] central volume with the relativistic differential decay rate given by [5]:
There are some obvious ethical implications surrounding individual responsibility in learning and the potential relativistic nature of factual information in online texts.
The quest for spiritual transcendence, beyond critique, may provide the experience from which to relativize a relativistic age.
Herbert shows convincingly how all these thinkers incorporated, to a greater or lesser degree, elements of relativistic thought in their ethical, philosophical, and political--as well as scientific--pronouncements.
United Spiral Nature of the Quantum and Relativistic Universe.

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