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FTI Technology differentiates its Relativity technology offering by utilising expert workflows and advanced analytics to reduce the cost and complexity of large, and often global, e-discovery matters.
Since the foundation of Relativity Gives, Relativity has provided more than USD 1.
The Relativity platform supports several languages and encodings for review, it is Unicode compliant and the analytics do work with things as complicated as traditional Chinese characters within the data hosted in Relativity.
Naked singularities - which, if proven, would upend this aspect of general relativity - have been predicted before, but those predictions all rely on moving (http://www.
According to Blackdot Solutions, the integration with Relativity will allow Videris users to pull data from Relativity into the Videris platform and compare entities and records in their Relativity database with information from online sources, so that analysts and investigators can leverage both tools together.
At Relativity, Spacey will become chairman of Relativity Studios and Brunetti will become president of Relativity Studios, effective mid-February.
The first thing you should know if you read this is I know nothing about Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity -- apart from the fact that it's Einstein's theory and it has something to do with relativity.
To physicists today, general relativity and gravity are essentially synonyms.
Relativity Media LLC said a consortium of investors referred to as TJ Group, led by Relativity CEO and chairman Ryan Kavanaugh, has reached an agreement to acquire all of Relativity's assets except its television business.
Relativity is working on establishing a new venture, which will partner with local producers to create original film, television and digital entertainment content.
The central tenant of general relativity is that gravity is a pseudo-force due to the curvature of space-time.

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