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The individual in whose name a legal action is brought by a state; the individual who relates the facts on which an action is based.

The relator is the individual upon whose complaint certain writs are issued. The relator is the party of interest in a proceeding, who is allowed to institute such proceeding in the name of the people, or in the name of the attorney general when such official has the sole right to sue. For example, if A was the relator and B was the defendant, the citation of the case would read, State ex rel. A v. B.


a person who gives information upon which the attorney general brings an action.

RELATOR. A rehearser or teller; one who, by leave of court, brings an information in the nature of a quo warranto.
     2. At common law, strictly speaking, no such person as a relator to an information is known; he being a creature of the statute 9 Anne, c. 20.
     3. In this country, even where no statute similar to that of Anne prevails, informations are allowed to be filed by private persons desirous to try their rights, in the name of the attorney general, and these are commonly called relators; though no judgment for costs can be rendered for or against them. 2 Dall. 112; 5 Mass. 231; 15 Serg. & Rawle, 127; 3 Serg. & Rawle, 52; Ang. on Corp. 470. In chancery the relator is responsible for costs. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4022.

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The Firm currently represents relators in a number of ongoing cases.
The Court ruled in favor of Mobilx, explaining that the relator had failed to show that "fully loaded costs" were a requirement under the AKS.
At trial, the qui tarn relator did not attempt to prove that the government had suffered any damages as a result of the single false certification.
MES-ni-ia-sa as containing a singular relator =ne= followed by the third person possessive =i= goes against our understanding of these morphemes.
If the state intervenes in a case, the relator may recover "at least 15 percent but not more than 25 percent" of the proceeds of the action, "depending upon the extent to which the person substantially contributed to the prosecution of the action.
Bagley contended that the court should apply the standard set forth in case law for determining whether his activities as a qui tam relator were a "trade or business" and whether the legal fees were "ordinary and necessary" under Sec.
After attending our workshop and learning about the DISC communication model, she identified all three prospects as most likely Steady Relators.
I sang this with a singer called Scarlett," said New Jersey singer Pete Yorn before playing his track Relator.
Such a statute gives the party bringing suit--the relator--a statutory assignment of the government's rights, so the relator has standing if the government does.
The relator, or general secretary, of the Synod of Bishops for the Middle East, Patriarch Antonios Naguib of the Egyptian Coptic church, proposed that the Catholic church in each country of the region create a special program of pastoral care for these new Christian immigrants.