relaxation of law

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The Independent reported in April that four of France's five presidential candidates supported the relaxation of laws relating to the drug.
Telecel appealed to the legalisation of airtime vending and relaxation of laws to allow the erection of kiosks and to make infrastructure sharing mandatory.
Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said during a visit to Wales that he rejected comments made by crime prevention minister Norman Baker, who was only appointed to the Home Office last month after a reshuffle, which suggested a relaxation of laws around cannabis could be considered.
Judi Hewitt (left) is against the relaxation of laws banning fox hunting
Islamabad: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has called for reciprocal relaxation of laws by India and Pakistan for facilitating their television channels to reach out to maximum views as media can help bring people of the two countries closer.
Talking to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Zee TV Subhash Chandra, Sharif called relaxation of laws to facilitate media outlets and reach out to a maximum number of people in India and Pakistan.
Talking to Subhash Chandra, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zee TV, who called on him here, the Prime Minister urged for facilitation and relaxation of laws so that Pakistani channels could be seen in India.
While talking to Subhash Chandra, CEO Zee TV here at PM House, he urged for facilitation and relaxation of laws so that Pakistani channels could be effortlessly seen in India.
They announced three large real estate projects in the country in the last six years, after a relaxation of laws restricting private investment, but they have struggled to clear bureaucratic hurdles.
Judge Issam Sultan also recognised the improvements in the quality of restaurants, though he feared that without a relaxation of laws, Muscat could be limited in excellent establishments: AoItAAEs good to see more restaurants in the running.
The relaxation of laws at the end of the 17th century allowed publishers to produce satirical, bawdy and erotic literature and tonight Matthew Sweet shows that this produced more than dirty books and engravings.