release from debt

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She wanted more vigorous measures, a more complete reformation, a quicker release from debt, a much higher tone of indifference for everything but justice and equity.
Tomorrow we have another opportunity to respond generously to those far worse off than ourselves when we mark the 10th anniversary of the Birmingham G8 summit and the birth of the Jubilee Debt Campaign, which called for the release from debt for the world's poorest nations.
While Neu (1988a: 21) argues that this discrepancy shows that para tarnumar was not used in this era to refer specifically to freeing from debt slavery, I would argue rather that the discrepancy (if it is important) shows that in the Old Hittite period the Hittite kings were adapting to their own interests the foreign idea of a general release from debt slavery as a magnanimous act of the king.
A release from debts that would be provable in a bankruptcy if the debtor satisfies all the obligations under the debt agreement;