release from imprisonment

See: parole
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Parole is the release from imprisonment after serving the minimum penalty imposed under the Indeterminate Sentence Law.
Kayed has been on hunger strike for 67 days after being placed on administrative detention by Israeli authorities on the day of his scheduled release from imprisonment.
The project is aimed at people after release from imprisonment and other persons with a criminal record.
The measure provides that the action initiated by a verified petition containing statement of the facts concerning the claim for damages, shall be brought by the claimant within a period of two years after his release from imprisonment.
Human Rights Watch's research found that many of the 58 women and girls interviewed feared murder at the hands of their families following their release from imprisonment.
He also demanded Qadri's release from imprisonment.
One government official noted that traffickers bribe Afghan officials to ensure their release from imprisonment via a conviction; in other situations, prosecutions are stalled with no action taken.
Schmierer said, "As joyous as the occasion of Sarah's release from imprisonment has been, it is important that we remember that her friends and fellow hikers Josh and Shane remain in Iran.
It would be great if people could write 'I sign this petition for the release from imprisonment of Ronald Arthur Biggs' and send it with their address and signature to Tank Jowett Solicitors, Chancel House Business Centre, Neasden Lane, London, NW10 2TU.
The offer was made to several young men during unannounced visits Wednesday morning by deputies, parole agents and probation officers to 20 homes, where they checked that parolees and probationers were living up to their terms of release from imprisonment.
Downey joined the show after his release from imprisonment for drug offences, but has since been rearrested.
Police are considering applying for a new-style Anti-Social Behaviour Order against a Stourbridge teenage tearaway after his re-arrest following early release from imprisonment.