released prisoner

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At Thuvia's suggestion two of the released prisoners bore the body of the dead thern upon their shoulders with us as we continued our journey toward the storeroom, which we reached without further mishap.
By this time I was so thoroughly fagged out that I could go no further, so I threw myself upon the floor, bidding Tars Tarkas to do likewise, and cautioning two of the released prisoners to keep careful watch.
Ramallah/ PNN/ Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday overnight have arrested 17 Palestinians from areas all over the occupied West Bank, including a released prisoner.
The Liaison was handed the released prisoner early today from Ofer prison in Ramallah.
Local security sources told WAFA that Abdullah Ghanaim is a released prisoner and has only been free for few months.
SOUNDBITE 1 Esmat Mansour (man), released prisoner (Arabic 14 sec):
Summary: Released prisoner Youssef Shaaban described President Michel Sleiman as a "hero" Monday for ordering his release after 15 years in prison.
2 : to do wrong <Is the released prisoner likely to offend again?
Eyewitnesses said that dozens of Israeli occupation military and policemen broke into the village, surrounded the threatened houses and immediately bulldozed the house of released prisoner Khalil Abu Rajab, without letting the residents get anything out of the house.
If commissioners think the released prisoner has not broken, and is not likely to break, the conditions, they will confirm his licence - otherwise they will revoke it.
Since late last year, prison governors have undertaken a ``risk assessment'' of each case, which includes ensuring each released prisoner has a stable address to go to.
A released prisoner from Pakistan, Musharaff Hussain, told reporters that he had been in a Pakistan prison for 34 years.